Inspirado Projecto Giffo

YES an ever-evolving gif of the Inspirado Projecto shall be presented each time a new one is created! This is the first!



Stitcher Collaborates With Inspirado Projecto Radio

Inspirado Projecto Radio is now available for listening on Stitcher! You can download the app and hear the show on your cellular mobile phone! ∞

Episode One – “Delusions” – Inspirado Projecto

Inspirado Projecto Radio is hosted by CEC. Each episode soundscape is a variety show of USSU, music epiphanies, artistic process, dreams, contributions, riffs, excitements, radio plays, cosmic theories, interviews and age-old conundrums.  It resides in the playfulness of language acrobatics and imagination reality manifestation collaboration.

The first episode, “Delusions”, is now available for your audio adventures.

You are invited to email your 3 minute audio for consideration of being played on Inspirado Projecto Radio:

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